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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Superhorrorfuck-Death Becomes Us

Superhorrorfuck | Death Becomes Us

Some of you may remember Superhorrorfuck from my previous review of their great little EP. Their new record takes all of the songs from Gorgeous Dead and revamp them with a set of new tracks to form the album Death Becomes Us. This new record is frankly their best yet. Filled with crazed riffs, sexual boasts and headbanging guitar parts galore this is an album that understands the neverending power that rock and roll can have over anyone even a hoary old soul like mine. These 12 tracks get rock and roll and drive everything all the way up to 11.

What makes this record special is the raw hedonism that characterizes so much of the music. These songs provide a sort of modern glam, music that gathers all of the scum of the Sunset Strip and distills it into one gloriously metal whole. This band is filthy and unafraid, willing to crash through any boundary and break any rule as long as it benefits the magic that rock and roll needs to have to succeed. The bands image is pretty much perfect considering what they want to do and the pictures that adorn their record are a fitting tribute to all that the band stands for, one of the last acts in the world to fully embrace sex, drugs, and rock and roll.

In finishing, Death Becomes Us is one of the most triumphant metal records of the year. Triumphant and hard hitting this is an album that will grab you by the ears and get you singing along to every single chorus. If you want a band who will turn it up and rock out for hours on end then Superhorrorfuck is exactly what you want. Their newest release represents all of the power that their unique sound has and they are truly spearheading this glam revival with innovation, fire and passion. I simply have to recommend that you pick this record up from Atomic Stuff Promotions as soon as possible.

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