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Friday, September 27, 2013

Foreign Affairs

Foreign Affairs

Now you guys know that I have a secret adoration for pop punk, and when it is pulled off well, it can be brilliant. Admittedly, when done badly, its pretty disappointing and juvenile. Fortunately Foreign Affairs belong to the first group of pop punk bands and their rounded and beautiful sound is something many fans of modern rock will enjoy. The thing is with this band that they are professional, profound and personal. Their professionalism shows in the stellar quality of their production as well as in the high quality of their photoshoots (not wholly relevant, but still). Meanwhile, the lyrics are clearly profound and personal with songs like Escape that seem to reflect on the groups personal experiences. Overall this is a band who could get big fast (Why they already have fourteen hundred facebook fans) and the future seems to only be getting brighter for these UK natives. Pop punk may be silly at times and seemingly unworthy of a crusty metaller, but I implore you to check these guys out, the sheer amount of heart that goes into their music just might make it worth it.

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