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Monday, September 9, 2013

The End

You made the rain disappear... cover art

Oooh, what's this you say? Incredible blackgaze with a knack for the atmospheric? Put together by a guy whose name is Svartblod? This is like, a dream come true! Suffice to say, The End provides some most excellent post black metal that tends to be a lot rawer and more grim than many of Svartblods peers. Do not come here expecting a musician who sounds like Alcest or Amesoeurs. Instead prepare yourself for something powerful, sad, and strangely beautiful. With epic keyboard lines directly contrasting harsh and very kvlt drums The End is the kind of thing only the trvest of the trve can grasp, yet for those dedicated few The End will more than deliver. A record that truly gets down and reflects the bleakness that can be the human condition You Made The Rain Disappear... is an example of metal as art. (Admittedly, the idea of this being metal persay is debatable) Yet what really counts is that Svartblod manages to reach out and rub a little piece of his soul onto the listeners and thus create glorious, transcendent music that defies description. This may not be for everybody, yet I for one really dig the demented shouts and twisted beauty that defines The Ends' sound.

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