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Monday, September 9, 2013


So, some of you may remember Windhands split earlier this year with Cough, a magical and powerful affair. Going into reviewing this record I was wondering could Windhand really overcome the triumph that was that split? Well, turns out with Soma they can, and not only that, they can drive it to a whole new level of heavy metal might. A record for the ages Windhand have proved once again that their own special brand of atmospheric and most triumphant doom metal will never die. As the band crashes their way to victory the future could not be brighter for these metal masters.

The impressive song about Soma is the way it hold its strange mystery while simultaneously being able to reach out to the soul of the listener. With mysterious vocal lines that reach out and grab the listener by the hair the never ending stomp of this record is glorious. One thing that struck me at first about this record was that the songs were rather short for Windhand (Around the 8-12 minute mark) and then I came onto the last track, Boleskine a half hour long monolith of a doom metal epic, an album that showcases how powerful doom metal can be. It is Windhands ultimate victory, proving that this is indeed a band who are worthy to carry on the mantle of Black Sabbath and Saint Vitus.

The sheer heaviness of this record is ultimately its enduring statement. With mysterious female vocals and songs that reach right into the mind and stir the most haunted depths Soma shows all that Windhand is capable of. Yet this band is still developing, and there is a marked evolution, even from their split with Cough. I’m excited to see what the future will bring for these masters who are worthy to sit in the same pantheon as Pallbearer or Cathedral. Soma is undoubtedly the BEST doom metal album of the year and you should definitely pick it up when it drops September 17th with Relapse.

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