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Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Technical death metal is a genre often accused of stagnating, so what are we supposed to do in a world where hundreds (even thousands?) of tech death albums come out every year? Well you just have to find the best, and fortunately Ulcerates new record Vermis is one of the greatest to hit the market in 2013. A record that provides something unique and powerful Ulcer brings forth a new type of technical death metal that the group has only hinted at in previous releases.  The songs represent some of the most glorious and powerful death metal to come out in recent years.

The first thing you will notice about Vermis is that the tracks have a unique approach to death metal, there is a certain roaring yet atonal quality, simply because of the iconoclastic riffing styled that Ulcerate uses.  Vermis  is one of those records that has its own approach to music and is immediately  identifiable.  On some level this is just reflective of Ulcerates entire discography (because, really, these guys are among the most creative in the modern tech death scene). Ulcerate make their own rules and are shaping  their sound by their own terms and for that Vermis is glorious.

In conclusion,  this is an album that shows all of the potential that Ulcerate has, and the band is really starting to fulfill it. The future seems very bright for this band as their most iconoclastic record yet also seems to be the one that will be the most commercially successful. In other words, today is a good day for death metal, a day that Ulcerate has won with their glorious death metal prothalmion. Here is an album that will go down as one of the great metal records of 2013 and going forward things should only continue to become greater for Ulcerate.

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