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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Unscarred at Mennecy Metal Festival

I woke up this morning and felt like throwing up, I could barely move without triggering waves of nausea. Things were not off too a good start, and I had a huge day ahead of me, I was to go out and hang out with Unscarred and review their show. I downed some Tylenol and roll out to the train station where I am to meet the bands dynamic lead singer Niloofar (also known as Nelly). She seems pretty nervous, but very excited, the day ahead should be a long and interesting one. You see, Unscarred is going to open for Kreator. This is going to be the greatest day of the bands career so far, part of an ever growing legend surrounding one of Frances most meteoric metal groups.

The Mennecy Stage

We get to the venue (more of a park really) and meet up with some of the band members. They are all anxious for the day to come, it could very well direct the future for a band who wants (And fully deserves) to play at Hellfest. I go out and get a photographer friend, Raphael Bobillot (Who did some photo work for Two Guys that day), he's too take a picture of the band for the cover of their upcoming EP. The first band starts to play, an excellent AC/DC cover who really get the crowd rocking and rolling, as we sit and plan out the photo shoot we sing along to those ancient hits.

The photoshoot goes well (Even though it needs to be redone later on) and things start to heat up. Many of the bands friends are starting to show up, perhaps most notably Delora and Jean from Lurking. The talk is warm and amicable, I'm starting to feel a little less sick. The band that is playing is frankly pretty bad, it's kind of disappointing. Really, none of the bands are getting the crowd off. The 400 some people who showed up at day two of Mennecy Metal Fest do not seem to be getting their moneys worth. Their is no movement, people are just lying in the dirt, mocking some of the more mediocre bands. People are barely even headbanging during the band who took the stage before Unscarred (Over Hate), whats going to end up happening?
Boris lead guitarist of Unscarred

Then Unscarred roar onto the stage, their setup time is short, a tribute to the sheer professionalism of the band, something you might not have seen a year ago. The crowd starts to take an interest as Nelly whips them up into a frenzy. "I wanna see you crazy!" she shouts, her exotic Persian accent adding a new flavor to the festival. Suddenly, it is all worth it. Unscarred are clearly at the top of their game, the musicians playing precise and Nelly, the Persian metal princess was clearly born to sing metal. But more than that, it feels like the guys supporting her fully grasp this and create a powerful and tight sound that punches through the heart of the most jaded fan. As Nelly calls out for a wall of death we suddenly see the incredible power of this band. The way they get people to connect with hooky guitar parts, powerful choruses, and a genuine ENERGY that very few people have these days. An energy that allows the fans to really get off with Unscarred's music.

Interviewing Nelly

After the gig the band is quite clearly worn out, they have given their all and the fans responded with pride. It is a testament to their energy that it took another 2 sets to find a band who got the crowd moshing again. Later in the evening I sit down to interview Nelly and afterwards she tells me 'I feel like now good things are happening after all the bad stuff that happened before in my life, Unscarred is going to go somewhere' and I honestly have to agree with her, this is one of the few bands from Paris who are really bringing something new and exciting to metal and delivering it with a perfect energy. The future seems bright for this band, who knows what could happen next?

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All photos thanks to the wonderful work of Raphael Bobillot, find more from him HERE

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