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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Fight From Silence

Now, normally I really don't like post hardcore, frankly it does nothing for me. Yet every once in a while there comes a post hardcore band who get what it means to be brutal and they embrace it with a fiery burning passion. Fight From Silence is one of those bands, a group who are not afraid to get heavy and do their own thing their is a certain unreal beauty to the music of Fight From Silence. These guys get heavy and it just works. The piano parts add some excellent melodies to the songs and keep tracks like Open Your Eyes exciting. Meanwhile the clean vocals are surprisingly well done and not whiny at all, in fact they straight up deserve their place in the music. In other words, Fight From Silence impress me even though they play a genre I often hate. Suffice to say, these guys bring something fresh and exciting to the table and I'd like to hear more from them then the 2 songs they have up on their Facebook page. Seeing them at Open Wall Fest next week should be a treat!

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