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Friday, October 4, 2013


Tightly polished modern metal, this should be good. I for one actually really like Ashfalls unique brand of modern metal. Their sound is very polished and powerful, and while there are lots of big hooks and melodic sections it does not come across as cheesy or boring. This is perhaps because the singer can *gasp* actually sing and the layered compositions don't really take on a pop element. Furthermore their lyrics are powerful and surprisingly intelligent. In other words, most of the things metal purists like me complain about in modern metal bands are not present, and those things we do love are emphasized. How great is that? Pretty darn great if you ask me, few enough modern metal groups really can execute on the level of Ashfall, these guys are a rare treat. So yes, Ashfall is a mainstream metal band that I genuinely enjoy, polished sound and tight riffs galore. In conclusion, if you want a modern metal group who are a cut above the rest and don't need to right out copy people *Cough* Avenged Sevenfold *Cough* then this is the band for you!

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