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Friday, October 4, 2013

400 the Cat

Stf Helix Nebula cover art

Welp, here's just about the most crazed rock and roll band ever to hit France. 400 the Cat is a hard hitting and insane metal band who seem to have some crazy powerviolence tendencies. This is a band who understand what it is to creat extreme music and pull it off with aplomb, a group who are vicious, brutal and completely unforgiving 400 the Cat craft some simply frightening soundscapes with their unique band of powerful, and ear ripping metal. With inhuman shrieks complimented by powerful crashing guitar lines you quickly find that 400 the Cat are here to reap your soul. Yet that is not all 400 the Cat can do, songs like Bright Windows showcase a slowed down, almost doom metal side of the band (before of course launching right back into their gloriously violent general attack. A group who are the very definition of unnecessary roughness these guys definitely have a limited audience. Yet for those of you who dig music in its most violent and unapologetic form then congratulations, here is a wonderful band for you to discover!

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