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Friday, October 11, 2013



Know you guys know I love Lamb of God, so what about bands who sound a lot like Lamb of God but still have their own thing? Great! Corelyn is a driving groove metal band who create music with punishing riffs that crush the soul with their incredible force. Yet, these guys are more than just mere Lamb of God clones, as I said earlier their are a lot of innovative aspects in their sound. One such thing is the use of operatic female vocals in songs like Homocysteine which gives the music a whole new level of bombast and makes Corelyn even cooler. In short, the riffs are tight and the vocals triumphant, Corelyn are bringing something new to death metal, and even their less original stuff is phenomenal. This is quite literally one of the greatest death metal bands I've reviewed in a while, powerful, innovative and ready to take over the world I can't wait to see what the future holds for these guys!

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  1. Thanks for your support and your kind words... and thanks for taking the time to write about Corelyn, we really appreciate that.
    Best regards from Barcelona!!