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Friday, October 11, 2013

Into the Storm

Light Lovers & Heat Mongers cover art

Esoteric, moving, emotionally powerful heavy music, this is cascadian metal at its finest, out there, yet strangely down to earth. A band in the vein of Cursed or even the great Isis Into the Storm understand what it is to make metal. Their crushing and deliberate approach to the genre is often unconventional, but it certainly does understand how to move the spirit. This is a band who are not afraid to craft unique soundscapes, soundscapes of a sort that will surely stand the test of time as they crash through your ears. Into the Storm may not be your usual extreme metal band, but they are certainly interesting, bringing forth a sound that it seems like only Pacific Northwest bands can really get right these days. So, if you want a heavy band bringing something new and powerful to the scene then you need to check these guys out. Sure it may not be for everybody, yet the music of Into the Storm is the music of the soul, and I for one can not wait to hear more from these metal pioneers!

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