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Sunday, October 13, 2013


Dimaeon is a crazed progressive death metal band from the Netherlands who not only understand how to make progessive death metal, but they approach it in a whole new way. The thing about this band is that they craft some incredible soundscapes. Sure the songwriting has its part (And it is indeed excellent) yet I feel like the greater part of the bands passion goes into creating a crushing overall vibe that simply can not be denied. Their new record Collapse of the Anthropocene shows a clear development on their previous work, but with new and fresh ideas which bring forth a new realm of sound. Suffice to say, since 2010s Exit Reality Dimaeon have very much developed in their musical and songwriting chops. Their is a distinctly different flavor to Collapse of the Anthropocene and it shows the bands true potential is starting to be realized. That is not to say that Exit Reality is a bad release, it is in fact pretty excellent. In closing, I'll just say this, Dimaeon is not your average progressive death metal band because they put the emphasis on emotions not chops, and for that they are great.

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