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Monday, October 14, 2013

Age of Torment-I Against

A death metal record that contrasts raging blast beats with moody acoustic parts and powerful soundscapes? Well, that sounds pretty darn awesome, and that is exactly what Age of Torment have to offer on their new record I Against. This album is a veritable death metal statement, a tour de force that showcases all of the magic of the genre and none of its weaknesses. The powerful and driving grooves found throughout I Against showcase Age of Torments impressive songwriting ability and how they are a band who are prepared to take things to a new level.

One of the things I really love about this record are the extremes that can be found throughout, be it the raging death metal of Anger or the darker interludes found throughout (two tracks are explicitly titled Interlude) these guys know how to do it all. There are even some crunchy noise based parts as seen in songs like Liberate Tuteme Ex Infernis which provides a fitting intro into the ultimate track Salvation. In other words, for the eclectic death metal fan there will be more than enough variety and triumph throughout this record to keep them entertained. Meanwhile, for the more casual listener Age of Torment pay enough attention to the maxims of the genre that they should enjoy what is being played.

In conclusion I Against is an album that grasps the magic of death metal and then turns it on its head, showcasing  the eternal might that death metal has and giving it a variety of twists and turns that keep things interesting and brutal. Age of Torment are bringing death metal forward with a new breed of pumped up super music that understands the inherent power of the genre. The future seems bright for Age of Torment, suffice to say, Wormholedeath Records did well in signing them. A band who seek to bring new life to a stagnating scene Age of Torment will rip your face off.

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