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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Draugul-The Voyager

One man metal is, simply put, the greatest thing ever. It comes in all shapes and forms and is often very listenable, fascinating, and a cool trip into the psyche of the mastermind behind it all. So today I bring you Draugul, an epic viking metal project that seems like it will be one for the ages. Filled with long songs, triumphant riffs, and a glorious viking might that will never die Drauguls new record The Voyager is a testament to the enduring power of the solitary artist. A man who works on his own to create music that reflects his very soul.

The Voyager is interesting for several key reasons. For one thing it is very well produced. This starts the listener off on fertile ground, the soundscapes are made more poignant and beautiful because of the musical excellence that Draugul exudes. The songwriting is also very solid with a great mix of cleans and growls. The long tracks are epic trudges, showcasing the influence of Bathory. On that note, it's important to point out that there is a stellar cover of One Rode to Asa Bay on this record that give it Drauguls own special touch. As a whole, The Voyager engages the listener with music that is layered and beautiful, and most importantly well thought out, something any viking metal fan can latch on too.

In sum, The Voyager takes the listener on a sort of musical voyage of their own. These epic compositions often feel greater than their run time, when you finish listening to The Voyager you are left with a sense of completeness, you have spent time engaging in Drauguls artistic statement and now you leave a better person. Glorious and often flying into victory I would like to hear more from Draugul, he is a musician who understands his genre and his music is so personal it becomes beautiful. A must for any Bathory style viking metal fan The Voyager is here, now clamber onto his horse and ride away into the night.

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