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Tuesday, October 29, 2013



Synphobia is an interesting new metal band from France who have a very distinct progressive metal sound that would be hard for anyone to really imitate. The thing is about these guys that they seem to have a very distinct approach to metal and they are proud of it. It's what makes their music fresh and interesting, even if they don't always have the greatest production or mixing. In other words, its what makes their new EP Rising worth checking out by any progressive metal fan.

One of the most interesting aspects of Synphobias music is their wonderful crescendos. It gives the music new layers of majesty and gives a unique power to songs like Lies. Overall the songwriting is pretty tight, but I feel like some of the tracks are too short. They could do with some development to bring them to a new level of heavy metal magic. As a whole the parts are very executed, the guitars are well done and the vocals are often top notch (although some of the growls could be polished). One special highlight for me is the keyboard work, I really love the way it intertwines with the rest of the music to create something that is truly personal and special.

In conclusion, Synphobia have created something pretty fresh and unique with Rising. Sure it could do with some polishing but these guys are only just starting to get serious. They have their own sound and they seem to have a clear idea of how they want to develop. I for one look forward to hearing how these guys evolve. Their is clearly a lot of musical talent to be had here and this band clearly have some interesting concepts going for them. Prog nerds one and all rise up and purchase Rising.

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