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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Elegy of Madness-Brave Dreams

I don't get to do a lot of good female fronted symphonic metal bands these days. That's why when I get an exciting young band like Elegy of Madness I get pretty excited. Their new record Brave Dreams is a powerful and promising record that shows a band filled with energy and potential. With fresh ideas and mighty guitar parts that fill Elegy of Madness with a glorious and triumphant Iron Maiden style of bombast. The band know how to craft tracks that reach out and touch the soul with their unrepentant and crushing heavy metal magic.

This groups singer is simply a goddess, her voice flies over your ears with an incredible, yet delicate strength that is both flashy and beautiful, truly a highlight of the record. One of my favorite parts about this record is those rare precious moments when the male singer steps in and creates a very interesting interplay between the soaring female vocals and the much lower pitched and powerful male parts. I'd like to hear more of this in the future Meanwhile the riffs are often very powerful giving the songs a new level of might and pushing some of the tracks to whole new worlds. They are often memorable and have a wonderful passion behind them, they create a fitting backdrop for the vocals to soar over.

In conclusion, this is one of the coolest symphonic metal records that I've heard in a while. Often fresh, booming and simply triumphant Elegy of Madness understand what it is to create female fronted symphonic metal and pull it off with aplomb. While there may be places the band can grow this is definitely a very strong sophomore release. If you're looking for a band who get the genre in a way that very few of their peers can compare to then Elegy of Madness is the band for you. Brave Dreams is a potent second release and I'm excited to see where Elegy of Madness go in the future!

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