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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Interview with Nelly of Unscarred!

So I recently had the huge honor of getting the chance to interview the most metal Nelly of the thrash metal band Unscarred after their gig at Mennecy Metal Festival a few weeks ago. In the interview we discuss her music, her band, and her general views on life. I hope you guys enjoy!

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If you live in France be sure to check them out at the Warm Up Festival at the end of the month!

After playing a great show like this afternoon, how do you feel?
I feel wonderful, such a big stage, great sound! it was my first experience with Unscarred with this kind of stage (A festival stage) . I was full of stress but  Yet after connecting with people and just looking to their eyes  I felt better.  It was like they were talking to me! It was really interesting and I really loved it and the feedback after the concert was great. Everybody just wanted to tell us that they loved the show and they loved the music. That’s the most important part, what I really wanted to do with my music. That was the part that I really wanted to do,  get connected with people. These great feelings that appear in shows are special. It was really awesome.
So it was kind of  a landmark moment for Unscarred?
Yeah, it was really special. After that,  so many people who started to tell us that they enjoyed the show and the music! I think we’re going to get more and more of this as we grow and it’s awesome.
How did you originally get involved in Unscarred?
I just searched on a site that helps you find a band. I put up an announcement that I’m a metal singer and I wanted a thrash metal band. They were searching for a singer . So we just find each other and we started to rock.
Can you tell me more about the goals of Unscarred?
 Being on the road and rocking stages all around the world. Living with our music!!
From what I understand you’re kind of the person who made Unscarred go to a new level. Can you tell me more about that?
I really dont want to talk about me! It's about “us”. We found each other in the right place at the right time. They are really good musicians and for a long time they looked for a singer and when we found each other the line up got powerful and stable! And yeah for sure , I just put all my energies for my band, cause that is the only thing that pushes me to survive!
When did you record the demo?
We just recorded it seven months ago. I don’t remember the exact time. We wanted to have a sample to send to promoters and labels to represent ourselves. But we didn’t have enough money to really do that in a professional situation. My guitarist recorded all of the songs in his house and I just did vocal part in a studio.
Is there a central focus to the lyrics?
The songs are mostly about my experiences. For example we have a song called “100 Lashes”. And 100 lashes is kind of punishment in my country. If you sing metal or you drink alcohol you have this kind of  punishment. Sometimes you get bailed out sometimes you take it. I hate politic. Politic is sick!! but what I passed through is about this shit! In my lyrics  I use words witch show my feeling about the things that happened to me. Sometimes it's not really kind of accent in politics stuff. It's about the changement of personality or so amny other subject.
What do you think the future holds for you and the band?
For myself personally, I think about the fact that I'm still alive is kind of a sign! I mean what I had like experience to be what I am now, is really hard to explain. So many times I was really down on my knees and suddenly something happened and I was just like: WHAT THE HELL!! forget it... it's so hard to explain! But it's good!! and about my band, After each show we have really cool feedbacks!!  this is just amazing. I think we will go far. It's a long way if you wanna rock & roll!
What’s been your proudest moment so far in regards to metal music?
What I’m personally proud of it is the fact that when I came to France I didn’t have money, I didn’t have anything I didn’t know anybody. I’m proud to be a survivor. I’m really proud to be able to play and to sing and to live my dreams!! Sometimes it's just like an illusion. This kind of experience is so rad!
What do you love so much about music?

Music! I can not even describe it!! Music scary!!  Music did something very strange with my life. Even though it gives me pleasure,  it also made me lose precious things. That’s the weird part of music. This is powerful and dangerous! Sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate it! This is a connection! A medium!   

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