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Thursday, October 3, 2013


Anti-religious heavy music, well, that seems pretty par for the course so far. But in fact, Godisdead take their ideology and sound to a whole new level with powerful and passionate music that fuses punk, stoner, and black metal into something that is passionate and transcendent a band for the ages, the rare group who fuse old ideas into something really new. The bluesy solos on some of these tracks is just phenomenal, these guys definitely know how to layer their sound to create something fresh and exciting. Whats interesting is that their are no truly new ideas, but the way they are executed is different than anything else I've ever heard. Furthermore the lyrics are very intelligent and express the anti religion message in a pretty straightforward way, so bonus points for that. In short, this four piece is unique and powerful and I can see them going far. Sure they haven't really gotten the attention they deserve yet, but if they can ride the way of their new record II right I could see good things happening for these guys!

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