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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Dirty Window-Time of Truth

A lot of metal that fuses cleans and growls frankly sucks. This is for a variety of reasons, either because the band is mediocre metalcore or simply that the clean vocals just suck. This is why we have Dirty Window, a band who prove that this kind of music is not doomed but can in fact be interesting and engaging. With lots of powerful riffs and some very tight songwriting their new album Time of Truth is a strong debut showing a band who are bringing something fresh and exciting to metal, a band who understand the spirit of innovation and metal magic.

The thing is, this record really has a bit of everything that is metal, a fact that is compounded by the groups singer actually being able to handle the clean parts. (Even if it could do with the occasional polishing) The guitar tracks are very well done and the riffs are precisely executed, they encompass a variety of styles of metal but seem to fall pretty regularly with modern Voivod style thrash, not to heavy, but definitely enough to get the heads banging. In other words, this is definitely an album that your average death metaller will enjoy (Especially the intelligent and thought out lyrics) but it is often more than that, this is a record with a much more mainstream metal, Revolver style appeal.

In conclusion, Time of Truth is a passionate and powerful record from a great up and coming French band. Their music is clearly the product of the soul, and even though their is a mainstream metal edge, the more pvre will also find this record enjoyable. Dirty Window know what they want to do and execute with aplomb, this is a band who have found a way to push metal forward, mixing cleans and growls without any of that silly metalcore invading their sound. If you want a record that is exciting and fresh that brings somethign a little new to metal then check this record out!

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