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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Kaitlin Riegel

Kaitlin Riegel is an interesting alternative pop musician who doesn't play by the rules and seems to be rather proud of it. Her music is quirky and poignant, reflecting a musician who loves her craft and won't let anyone direct how she does it. The songwriting in Riegel's music is unique and beautiful with a power of its own. For those of you wishing for some sort of context, think of another alt pop kiwi, Kimbra. In other words, Riegels music is beautiful and unique using sounds that are rarely heard in this kind of context. It creates a sort of magical landscape around the songs and keeps the listener addicted, unable to turn away from these mystical soundscapes. There is more to Riegel than originally meets the eye and I think that will tak her far. I for one am excited to hear a full length release from this strange alternative pop princess. Her future could be bright indeed, especially if she continues to carve her own unique niche in the pop world and obtain something greater than the normal constraints of the genre.

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