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Friday, October 25, 2013

Betrayer F.T.M.

Regular readers know that I've covered Betrayer F.T.M. in the past. This is the kind of band who throws silly things like 'marketing' to the wind and instead just blast ahead with full on heavy metal madness. Betrayer F.T.M's new release Full Blast is a stellar example of their Motorhead inspired approach to thrash metal destruction. Suffice to say, they are back, better than ever and ready to rock your brain into heavy metal annihilation. An album that shows Betrayer F.T.M. starting to branch out and become a little more long in the tooth, Full Blast suggests a bright future for this band.

One of my favorite aspects of Full Blast is the simply addictive riffing style. The power behind riffs on songs like Evil Hounds is impressive and showcases a band who are able to push things to extremes. The solos are also pretty interesting, they add a touch of rock and roll to the music. In some ways the classic rock flavor they add almost reminds me of Voivod. The end result of all of this is a thrash metal record that is sufficiently familiar with its rock roots that it feels grounded in reality. This is not an album that seeks to be more than it actually is. Betrayer F.T.M. provide thrash metal, plain and simple. For that they are triumphant, they know what they want to do and do it well, giving their music a certain rock and roll energy that is hard to find these days.

In conclusion, Full Blast is here to melt your face off with an unhealthy dose of thrash metal delivered straight down your throat. Much more polished and refined than their previous full length No Life Till Fury their new record suggests a bright future for one of California's most promising thrash metal exports. I for one am excited to see where Betrayer bring their sound in the future, they've got a lot of cool elements going on here with a delectable power that is hard to match in this day and age. All I can say to you now is sit back, relax and put this album on full blast!

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