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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Mad Hatters Den-Welcome to the Den

You guys are here for one reason, we were brought together by denim and leather, rock and roll anarchy is what we live for and bands like Mad Hatter's Den are dedicated to keeping the old spirit of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal alive. Injecting the old formulas with new and powerful symphonic ideas Mad Hatter's Den is a dominating new heavy metal band whose stunning debut Welcome to the Den will melt your face off with its triumphant sound, more than just a power metal record Mad Hatter's Den have created something fresh and exciting with this new release.

The thing that really sets this record apart for me is the way the keyboards reinforce the guitar riffs. Rather than providing atmospheric symphonic parts they make the riffs more poignant and powerful. Songs like Welcome to the Den are a great example of this, they show off an exciting way for keys and guitars to interact. At its best it reminds me of Jon Lord (RIP) and his time playing with Deep Purple or even the occasional Iron Maiden song (but it's usually implemented differently). In other words, Mad Hatters Den have a pretty distinct approach to fusing keys and guitars and this really helps to make their music very promising and inspiring, leaving the listener begging for more. 

To wrap this up, these Finnish metalheads have created something very cool and innovative with Welcome to the Den with a new way to approach heavy metal madness. Their style is instantly memorable and works for both the rockers and the ballads. With flashy solos and sing a long choruses its easy to fall in love with the music of Mad Hatters Den, it will take you back to an older time, when denim and leather really dominated the earth. Yet these guys are definitely bringing the music forward and for that they are triumphant, so bring it on, enter the den, these guys are waiting for you!

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