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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Dr. Dick Ramirez

Dr. Dick Ramirez

Dr. Dick Ramirez is a horrifying and punishing death metal band who incorporate more than a few grindcore elements into their trademark sound. Vicious and unholy the members of Dr. Dick Ramirez does not fear breaking boundaries with their music. Instead they crush skulls, annihilate souls and generally create wave after wave of rock and roll anarchy, all here to rip your body apart. Though they only have a few songs up on Reverbnation right now these guys clearly have a lot of potential. Fueled by rage these guys are not afraid to grind the listener to a pulp. In addition, their lyrics are pretty great too. One of my favorite sequences is 'They say keep your enemies close, your other face closer, that's never been that enticing to me. You've betrayed your blood, I would rather take my own life' In other words, the lyrics are violent and unforgiving, a true sign of the sheer destruction that Dr. Dick Ramirez sow with their unique and singularly evil brand of death metal. A band who will rip your jugular out and flaunt it Dr. Dick Ramirez are here for your head.

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