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Monday, October 28, 2013

Mantra-Into the Light

Mantra is a fascinating progressive stoner metal band who bring a variety of uniquely groovy elements to achieve a sound that is powerful and beautiful, the kind of thing that will capture the heart of millions, not just metal nerds, but metallers, and even more casual music fans the world over. Their new album Into the Light is a eight song testament to the bands incredible power and the way that they are set to drive themselves over the top. This is a record that shows the enduring power of metal, not just today, but for generations to come, an album for the ages.
One of the coolest things about Into the Light is the variety of sounds used throughout the record. It reminds me a lot of Gojira in both its sheer variety as well as in how the songs just work flowing together in a way that is appealing and strangely satisfying for the listener. Another great thing about this record is, as I previously mentioned, the pounds of groove that these guys layer on to get a sound that is destructive and reflective of the soul. Their is a certain rock and roll magic to these punishing rhythms, they may be complex and occasionally abstract, yet they still manage to drive the music home and capture the listeners heart, and what more do you really want from a band?

So, if you want a progressive metal record that has a ton of powerful elements in it and seems like it can stand the test of time then Mantra is the band for you. Into the Light is a powerful display of heavy metal magic and the way these guys bring their sound to your ears with an approach that is unforgiving and strangely powerful is great. I could see this band going places, their songwriting is tight and musicianship tighter. With a little something for any fan of extreme music the way these guys develop in the future should be most exciting indeed!

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