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Monday, October 28, 2013

Helium Horse Fly-S/T

Now here is a mysterious and magical band who craft sounds that are often surreal and other times simply out of this world. Helium Horse Fly don't follow any typical set of rules, and instead craft something which is magic, powerful and triumphant. Their music is often esoteric and filled with abstract noises, something that is hard to get into but also strangely beautiful. I for one really dig the sounds found throughout Helium Horse Fly yet the experimental nature of the music might make it difficult for the casual listener to get really engaged into this disc.

One of the coolest aspects of this record is the way the noise elements mix into an otherwise ethereal and 'out there' sound. It's interesting to hear the band descend into chaos as they go and destroy the epic soundscapes they have crafted. This unholy ritual is surprisingly fun to listen to and actually leaves the listener with a weird sense of completeness afterwards. Perhaps the best example of this is on the track Adrift which shows the band build up something magical before completely tearing it apart. One last note, the female vocals are simply stellar, they provide a surreal glory to the tracks and keep things exotic and magical, alienating some common fans yet capturing the hearts of the dedicated.

To wrap this bad boy up, Helium Horse Fly is one of the most gosh darned interesting records that I have heard in a long time. Their are all sort of weird and unique elements to be had throughout this record and that is part of what makes it so good. The mix of genres is often devastating but it works out in a way that is incredibly beautiful. I for one am excited to hear how this band develop in the future, their music is too good to be ignored, and just esoteric enough that it could be loved worldwide. What happens next could be very interesting indeed!

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