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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Poppers-Tous de Putes

Now, I really dig French punk, not only is it intelligent, but it knows how to laugh at itself. A great example of this good spirited rebellion is Tous des Putes by Poppers. Combining the sounds of NOFX, Ultra Vomit, and the Ramones this punk trio understand what it is to create crass music that still holds on to the ears with tasty musical hooks and some tight songwriting. With shorts songs that get right to the point Poppers make a sort of intellectual rebellion that few can touch on while simultaneously having riffs that could appeal to a huge potential fanbase.

By far my favorite element of this record is the lyrics. We see the poetry of French punk on songs like Chui un Connard. These guys are humble and they get the spirit of punk music. This is part of what makes their debut album so enjoyable. Another great aspect of this record is the quality of the riffs, they are often memorable and catchy, reminding me a lot of NOFX. It may not be pop punk, but it's darn close and I like it. These songs really can just delve right into the soul with its precise attack and fun sounds. This may not be Beethoven, it's something more. Tous des Putes understands what punk is about and holds it loud and proud in a banner over there heads.

In conclusion, the ten tracks that make up Tous des Putes may be short, but they get at a larger societal point. Few modern bands understand punk in the way that Poppers do and their combination of various punk styles is very cool. I think the future could be bright for these guys, they just need to put some more time and money into their promotion. As is though, Tous des Putes is a record that represents the magic of the French punk scene and if you are at all interested in the scene where I live then you're going to want to check this record out.

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