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Monday, October 7, 2013



DEATH METAAAAAAAL, or at least that's what I wanted to scream the second I pressed play on Putrifieds new record Sacreligious Purification, here is a death metal record that gets it, creating pure metal might in a triumphant fashoin. With everything played, and sung by one man, an extremely dedicated death metal purist under the pseudonym of A.Death Putrified is clearly a potent force. The chugging riffs on songs like Cult are to die for, showing off the incredible might that death metal has, even in 2013. With a distinct old school flavor this record goes for the throat, Putrified does not deal in 'political correctness' or 'good vibes' but pure armageddon, chaotic delivery that rips out your juggular. This record is vicious and often very jagged at the edges, there is no polish here, except the bare minimum for production and for that Sacreligious Purification is made glorious. So if you want a death metal act that is violent, unforgiving and wholly unholy then Putrified is definitely the band for you!

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