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Monday, October 7, 2013

Red Fang-Whales and Leeches

How does one even explain Red Fang to uninitiated. This is a band who create powerful and soul rending hard rock of the finest degree. Dubbed the 'party bringers' Red Fang are not afraid to rev it up to eleven and go in all guns blazing. Their new record Whales and Leeches reflects all of the bands sound up until today. It is their latest peak, a new triumph for a band who have the potential to take over the world. Easily their best album to date Whales and Leeches showcases Red Fang at their finest, rock and roll energy crashing across the free world.

One of the first things that will strike you about this record is the mountains of groove that characterize the tracks. These songs gain legions from the unapologetic pulsing rhythms that spiral through your soul. I personally really dig the chunky melodies that flow throughout. They help to make the record very addictive, spiraling in and out with tons of heavy metal might. See, much like Baroness, Red Fang have the potential for some truly widespread recognition. Their is nothing patently offensive about Red Fang, yet it can still very much appeal to the average metalhead. The power vested in this band is incredible and the sheer might of Whales and Leeches is incredible.

In conclusion, Red Fang have reached a new peak with Whales and Leeches an album that can both overwhelm the listener with its huge bottom end and powerful chords, or simply caress the soul. With memorable riffs, meaningful choruses and some of the best lyrics yet Red Fang have brought themselves to a whole new level and I for one am excited to see what happens for these guys going forward. If you want a rock and roll record that brings on the party with pulsing grooves and destructive bass lines then pick this album up when it drops October 15th!

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