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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Still Creep-A New Dawn

I saw Still Creep live a couple days ago and I was shocked by their live energy, even if they only were playing in front of a few punters. These guys have a true ferocity which is reflected not just in their attitude but also their music. Their new record A New Dawn is filled with mid tempo chugs, explosive thrash riffs, and solos that are often just spectacular. The kind of release that just makes your heart smile with its dedication to all things rock and roll these six tracks showcase a band with the crazed dedication it takes to make it in this world.

One of the most interesting parts of this record is the use of vocals. While the singer usually uses something of a Hetfield inspired shout there are also some clean parts and other bits that find themselves drenched in death growls. The end result of this is increased variety and a sound that will stay interesting despite many a listen. Adding on to this is the high quality of the riffs, a lot of them come out as standard 'metal riffs' but a few, the money riff if you will, come across as memorable and powerful, showcasing, in full, the true majesty that Still Creep can have when they really try. 

In other words, A New Dawn has a bit of something for everyone. There are portions of metal madness, beautiful acoustic parts, harsh growls, poignant shouts, and well executed cleans. Their ultimate triumph, the albums last track clocks in at 10 minutes long and never leaves the listener bored. This is just one example of the magic of this band. Suffice to say, I feel like I can wear their T-shirt with pride, a band who will never give up on rock and roll because it won't give up on them. And so a new dawn rises, and we look to the east and see Still Creep charging to victory.

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