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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sound of Memories-Living Circles

Tight and precise melodic death metal, this is one of the things I live for. With a sound reminiscent of At the Gates or In Flames, Sound of Memories are here to knock your socks off with a thrash melodeath sound that never fails to impress. Their is an explosive magic to their new EP Living Circles that few of their contemporaries really have. This raw power gives me the distinct impression that Sound of Memories is going to go far. One of the coolest aspects of their EP is the way that different types of growls are mixed together to create a dynamic and powerful sound. Oftentimes the band takes on another element, sounding like much more than their mere five man line up. In other words, with Living Circles Sound of Memories transcend their genre and create something greater and more powerful. For all of you melodic death metal fans out there, say hello to your new favorite group, a band who seamlessly blend genres and promise to produce some of the most exciting music since Slaughter of the Soul. Sure the kinks are still being worked out, but I get the distinct feeling we'll be hearing more from Sound of Memories in the near future!

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