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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Suffer the Wrath-Divine Sign

Woah, now here we go a death metal band with the RAGE. Suffer the Wrath is a simply ferocious Illinois based death metal act who will melt your face off with punishing riffs that never seem to give up. Their new four track EP Divine Sign is a stunning release filled with haunting shrieks, destructive growls and riffs that will smash your head into the ground and then quickly, brutally grind it into so much pulp. Yes, Suffer the Wrath's music will make a veritable milkshake out of your skull.

The key thing with this record is ferocity, few modern bands have the sheer violent power that Suffer the Wrath so clearly revel in. Songs like Slave King show how incredibly fast these guys can play and the unholy power they have in executing atonal and magical riffs. Their are few hooks here, instead Suffer the Wrath draw you in with an attack so ferocious you never saw it coming. Not a lot of bands these days strike me as truly brutal, as brutality is often more of a feeling than anything else. Yet Suffer the Wrath are most definitely peddling brutality in its most unholy form.

In conclusion, if you want a record that is destructive, violent, and completely unforgiving then Suffer the Wraths Divine Sign is definitely the album for you. Their highly technical approach to death metal will stun and thrill you as it stomps its way to victory. Divine Sign is more than just a death metal EP, it is a statement of all the dark magic of the genre, ready to melt your face off with blazing speed, pulverizing riffs, and a dedication to brutality that is very, very hard to match.

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