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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Arcadia-In Ruins

Now, you guys know I don't really like metalcore, but metallic hardcore is a whole different story and some Arcadia pull off with aplomb. Their new record In Ruins is a masterpiece in genre, showcasing melodic passages, explosive riffs and a variety of growling techniques. Hey, there are even some tolerable clean lines tossed in for good measure! Straight out of Adelaide, these guys have been making their own brand of punishing metallic hardcore since 2009 and with this inspiring debut they show no signs of ever letting go of the throttle.

One of the best things about this album is the tight riffing style, the precise playing on songs like Skylines and Graveyards is impressive to say the least. Their are also a lot of melodic guitar lines which tastefully provide some nice hooks to keep the listener engaged. They are definitely a highlight of the album for me. I want to quickly address the clean vocals, usually they come off pretty well, giving a Killswitch Engage or Trivium type feel, but they are sometimes overused and make things a bit too 'generic metalcore'. Fortunately, everything else seems to be contradicting this label, from the aggressive riffs the absolutely killer breakdowns. Seriously, these are some of the best breakdowns I've heard in a long while.

In conclusion, Arcadia have released a very promising debut record. Their sound is bombastic and passionate, something that is easy to get attached too and fun to fall in love with. As these metal monsters progress I get the distinct impression they will streamline their sound more and get rid of any extraneous clean vocals. The songwriting is tight and the riffs tighter, what more could you really ask for from a metal band? The future seems bright for this young group and I can't wait to see where the unique brand of hard riffing metallic hardcore heard on In Ruins takes this Adelaide quartet in the near future! 

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