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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Warm Up Day Three with Pervert Asshole, Lokurah, My Mental Health Degrades, Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition, Benighted and NAPALM DEATH

So now Warm Up is said and done, Napalm Death have played, blown my mind and left me begging for more. The bands I saw today were all great and the food surprisingly top notch (and pretty darn cheap too!) I saw all my friends from the first few days of festivaling and a lot more fans were here for the top bands. Fortunately not too many people showed up so we got to get a really personal experience for every concert, and let me tell you, it's INCREDIBLE to get to see a band like Napalm Death with less than a hundred people in the room. So now we are left with one thing to do, the review of the third day of the festival! I'm sitting in my kitchen exhausted at one in the morning let's do this thing.

The first band I saw today was Pervert Asshole, now here is a band who are wonderfully decadent in a live setting. Be it their guitarist, who wears a Mexican luchador mask or their singer who parades about gyrating freely in his underwear these guys are the definition of extreme. Their music is gloriously over the top and their new album title 'We Say Fuck a Lot' pretty much sums up their entire ethos. In other words, Pervert Asshole are the kind of thing that is gloriously offensive, gaining power through raw decadence, the kind of band who will make fun of you, if only because they think its funny. Not to be taken seriously and a blast to see live, Pervert Asshole will definitely be getting more coverage on Two Guys in the future.

Up next was Lokurah bringing their own brand of thrash metal madness to the fore. Tossing in touches of metalcore to an overall thrash derived sound these guys are pretty ferocious live. Throughout the early part of their set they were plagued with technology and mixing issues and I think it limited peoples ability to get into the music. Yet once they had a couple of songs with no problems people started headbanging and it became clear that Lokurah are quite a powerful live group. This is a band who come on and play tight and heavy thrashcore until heads are banging all around, and really, what more can you ask for from a local thrashcore band? Suffice to say, these guys know how to deliver and I'd like to see them again soon.

Then, My Mental Health Degrades charged on to the stage and delivered thirty plus minutes of destructive metalcore madness. Their music is melodic and powerful, the kind of hardcore that I genuinely enjoy, even if I think the performances can be a little silly sometimes. One of the coolest parts of their set was when the singer from another local melodic hardcore band, All My Memories, came onto the stage to perform some songs with the group. They went over so well I almost feel like the band should be doing a two vocalist thing. On their own though these guys are still stellar, the music is powerful and they know how to connect in other words, this is definitely a band I'd recommend to a friend.

I then took a break for dinner and too talk to some of the bands as well as a few of my good friends who I don't get to see as often as I like. These selfsame friends started telling me about the band to come, Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition a band who were apparently just as brutal as their name. By god were they right. With a grinding rage ripped straight from Origine Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition are violent, destructive, and totally triumphant in creating some glorious death metal that ripped my head off for the entirety of the set. Sure there music isn't intelligent or classy, but it certainly rips faces off and shows a band who have been dedicated to brutality for longer than I have been alive. These guys aren't going to stop soon, so you NEED to check them out and become a slave to their incredible heaviness.

The second to last group was French metal heroes Benighted who had a ton of local punters out to worship them. Their set was violent and vicious, the kind of thing were people (including me) were getting bruised and bloody from the very first song. Benighted's music is a sort of deathgrind with no respect for the normal rules of the genre, instead just opting to blast heads off with an attack that will hold you in thrall for hours. I could have watched them play an entire other set they were simply that good. Coming at it with a lot of energy and a vicious dedication to their music it was exciting to see these guys play, they definitely deserve their place as mainstays in the French scene.

And now on to the big guys. Napalm Death. The name says it all, legends in their lifetimes these guys have been doing this for more than thirty years and their performance is delivered with so much expertise you can not deny the bands greatness. As I headbanged in the front row I realized how impossibly lucky it was that we got to see Napalm Death in this super intimate setting. The band was tight and destructive as I imagine they always are (This was my first time). What I'm trying to say is that the sheer ferocity that Napalm Death attacked their set with was inspiring to me and their lyrics blew me away (as they always do) I especially liked how open they were with their message, aware that they are bringing good to the world. In short, I NEED to seem them again as soon as possible.

In conclusion, today was an incredible event, even more so than the previous days of Warm Up Festival. Not only was it topped off by one of the most impressive live sets I have EVER seen (And to give you a sense of scale, I've seen thirty one bands since September 1st) but all of the other bands on the bill were really well picked and fit well with the whole idea behind the festival. I sincerely hope I can come to the festival next year, Warm Up is intimate and fun, the sort of thing that creates memories that will last a life time. With a wonderful familial atmosphere and great vibes all around I just have to congratulate the team behind this event for a job well done.

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