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Monday, October 28, 2013


Jazzy instrumental sludge, did someone like, design a record for me to love? Aeris is an incredible French metal band who with their debut release Temple have created something powerful and poignant reflecting the inner magic that instrumetal can have. Not a band to be taken lightly Aeris's new release is something of an incredible debut. The way these guys shape their songs and craft the music into soundscapes of a sort that I genuinely think have never existed before is incredible. Aeris are pioneering a new genre of metal and it sounds like it will be great.

One of the cool things about this record is that it is split into three chapters, Flame, Richard Horizon Robot, and Captain Blood. Each segment has its own separate feel and allows the band to mix in some unique ideas in a logical way. Note though, the segments blend together well and allow for an album that is engaging and thought provoking. Their is a sort of incredible momentum to this record that drives the band forward, even when you think that the album is losing momentum (like in the doomier parts of Hidden Sun) their is a sort of implacable power that will never give up, something that showcases the true might of the band. This very might is what will take Aeris to the top.

In finishing, Temple is a potent release, and leaves the listener begging for more. This is an album that will hold you in thrall, victim to the incredible jazz sludge fusion that Aeris provides. This is the sort of release that will capture the hearts of thousands, not just metalheads, but also fans of jazz, and groovy heavy music in general. In other words, this is an album that is pretty unlike anything I've ever heard before, but it works. And not many bands can really say that about their music. I see Aeris going far and their unpredictable brand jazzy metal will be their key to metal godhood.

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