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Saturday, November 2, 2013

All My Memories-Legacy

What's this? Another metalcore record that I happen to like? That's pretty weird. But maybe it's because the bands new record Legacy isn't pure metalcore, but instead a sort of destructive death metal with touches of metalcores raw groove. All My Memories is a band I've had the pleasure of hanging out with in the past, and their sound is just as influenced by bands like Black Dahlia Murder as it is influenced by Killswitch Engage. In other words, this is metalcore that plain and simple works the kind of band that restores my faith in the genre as a band who will carry the music forward.

The key thing for All My Memories is the mountains of groove that drive their songs forward. Few bands can really get this kind of forward motion going in their songs, yet All My Memories accomplish it with ease. Not only are the songs enjoyable, but they are compelling, the kind of tracks that refuse to be put down because they are simply that good. Meanwhile, the breakdowns are wonderfully executed and force your whole body into a sort of unholy motion. I think this may be in large part because All My Memories seem to be influenced by true hardcore, giving them a sort of credibility that many of their contemporaries lack. What I'm trying to say is that with Legacy All My Memories make the sort of statement that few other metalcore bands could even think about.

In conclusion, All My Memories seem to be on the verge of something big with this new release. Explosive, dynamic, and simply fun to listen to I could see this band going even farther now that they have a clearly defined sound and an approach that is just to die for. Now that their first record is out things should start falling in place for these French metalcore champions and I think the future will be bright for them. Able to appeal to many different extreme music fanbases Legacy can attract all sorts, from the scene kid to the purist, and for that, this album is great.

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