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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Colossus Fall/Gacys Threads Split

Well here's something I haven't reviewed in a while, a split record! This new split from Colossus Fall and Gacys Threads is a wonderful example of two of the greatest chaotic hardcore bands coming out of Europe right now. Two bands who have a very similar sound, this split is a pleasure to listen to, showcasing a sound that is heavy, dramatic, and often very personal. Both sides present the bands with their very own little bit of true hardcore magic, showing off the two groups finest points in a nutshell, making this split highly enjoyable and worth many a spin.

The Colossus Fall side of the split shows off a lot of the groups trademark groovy hardcore sound. The chaos is still rampant, but their is clear music progression from their last release Sempervirens. What I'm trying to get at, is the two songs shown here by Colossus Fall are definitely a step forward for the band. Then we have the Gacys Threads side. Also two songs long, these tracks showcase one of my favorite Irish hardcore bands at their finest. Songs like Salvation reveal a truly human energy behind the music, showcasing the inherent power of their genre and the endless struggle that humanity has for true ideological salvation. Suffice to say, I really dig it and I think many hardcore fans would too.

In closing, this record is powerful and reflective of the true might of hardcore. Yet more than that, the record is cohesive, it simply makes sense for Colossus Fall and Gacys Threads to be on the same EP together. Their songs blend together, even if both bands still very much retain their own unique flavor. My only real regret is that this record isn't longer, these two groups are both excellent and I feel like they need more songs to truly showcase their sound. Yet as is this is a wonderful split and anyone into hardcore or metal with a chaotic edge should be sure to check it out!

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