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Saturday, November 23, 2013


One thing I've always appreciated in alt rock is the humanity of the genre. Sure it may not be heavy or technical, but by god do these guys have a good grasp of the human experience. A great example of this is found in the music of Chateau, an alt rock band whose powerful and well structured sound creates wonderful, if simple soundscapes that simply reflect upon the sheer humanity of it all. The song structures are great, the way the tracks spiral up and down, from high activity sections with multiple guitar lines to stripped down verses is great. Suffice to say, these Oklahoma City natives have a good handle on what they are doing. The sheer emotion of their music is wonderful, and especially poignant on tracks like Pride & Practicality which gains strength from the vocalists powerful voice. A band who just want to get down to the heart and soul of the human condition and do it in a distinctly beautiful way Chateau are a lot of fun to listen to, deep and moving these guys bring alt rock to a new level.

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