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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Torn From Earth

2012 cover art

Doom and sludge metal are among my favorite metal subgenres, the primal power of this music, the way it seems to be raging from a place beyond is simply incredible. When inflected with heavy doses of post metal you get something that is truly special. That is exactly what Torn From Earth deliver with their unique brand of Hungarian metal madness. Their songs are long form, this is not for the faint of heart, the listener needs to be passionate about the music to really get into it. Torn From Earth tend to be rather inaccessible and erudite, and while, personally I dig it, I could see a lot of potential fans being turned off by it. Yet that is exactly the point. Torn From Earth is for the pure of heart, those who seek metal that goes beyond the traditional confines of the genre and instead reaches out and teaches us something about ourselves, and that is exactly what Torn From Earth do. Their latest demo is filled with promise and it would be interesting to hear a full length from these aspiring doomeisters.

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