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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Counterhold-All of them Slain

The latest act to come off of the up and coming Coffee Jingle Records (The only record label named after a Dethklok song) Counterhold is a hard hitting progressive metal band whose sound is passionate and powerful, driving the music up to eleven the whole way through. A rather long record, checking in at just under an hour, this is the work of some very talented musicians headbanging and moshing their way into oblivion. Fun to listen too, yet still very serious and with a clear artistic direction Counterholds debut record All of Them Slain is a promising and exciting debut.

One of the first things you will notice about this record is the all around tight riffing. Almost every song showcases the bands technical capacities, yet it never gets boring. Their is a fiery heavy metal energy hear that permeates much of the bands sound and manages to keep things stimulating and powerful. One thing to note is that at times the vocals don't feel mixed correctly, yet they are so good for the rest of the record it more than makes up for it. The bands heavy bottom end helps to drive the group forward, the reassuring thud of the bass part and the powerful drum playing come together to give this album an impressive forward motion. In other words, All of Them Slain is prog with attitude.

A progressive metal record for people who don't necessarily like progressive metal All of Them Slain is one of the most interesting prog debut's I have heard in a while. The melodic attack of Counterhold fueled with their powerhouse attack leads to something that transcends the genres common boundaries and instead comes up to be potent and destructive. With a little polishing around the edges I could see these guys going far. They have a clear understanding of what they want to do, and moreover, how they want to do it. The future should be bright for these hard rocking Coffee Jingle signee's!

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