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Friday, November 15, 2013

Lucian the Wolfbearer

Lucian the Wolfbearer is an interesting and very unique Nordic Folk project from the singer of Benighten Empire. Filled with strange ambient and atmospheric sounds this is a record that finds an older and more primeval power than metal could ever touch on. Yet the general attitude of the whole thing seems distinctly metal to me. Songs like Song of Blood and Steel may not really use any distorted parts, yet they distinctly remind me of Bathory. The generally doomy attitude of the entire thing seems a bit closer to Candlemass for me. In other words, the man behind the project, Sean M Kratz, clearly is a metal musician. Yet he reaches out and with his new record Void he finds something more, something powerful and meaningful, earthy and unique. The kind of music that reaches out and shows the listener a portion of its creators soul So sure, while some of the songs could be polished and some vocals could be better executed, the spirit of the thing is what really counts here. That very spirit will never be broken but only rise, harder and stronger, revealing the undying power borne of the lords of the north.

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