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Sunday, November 3, 2013

De Mortuis

De Mortuis cover art

Raging and unapologetic death metal ripped straight from the hearts of men? Yes please! De Mortuis is the kind of death metal band that make other bands go home crying to their mothers. Their is nothing proper or clean cut about this group, De Mortuis want your blood and they revel in it. Here is a band who grab you by the throat and make you suffer. Their approach to riffing is excellent, there is a certain dedication to brutality that is hard to find these days and the blazing speed of tracks like Son of Perdition showcases the raw power this band can have when they really try. Otherwise we hear some crushing grooves, destructive half time parts, and rhythms that simply crush your bones down to dust. A band who blast even the most stalwart listener to a pulp De Mortuis strike me as next generation death metal masters. In short, if you're looking for a death metal band who will rip your face off and grind you into a grind you into ashes then the explosive death metal might of De Mortuis is something you must expose yourself to as soon as possible!

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