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Monday, November 4, 2013

Chaos Venture-1.0

Billed as Space Alien Metal Chaos Venture is an exciting and fascinating prog band who create a sound that is powerful and filled with all sorts of unique solos and song structures that have never been heard before. The sort of band who have a completely unique direction, something that has never been done before I could see these guys going far. You see, Chaos Venture is esoteric, but not so esoteric that it alienates fans. Instead their new release 1.0 is the sort of thing you could see being talked about a decade from now as an album that helped to found a new generation of prog.

Chaos Venture's sound is very heavy on keyboards, often creating layers of sound that intertwine to create a wonderful overall vibe. The sort of thing that captures the soul, not with aggression or an in your face attack but rather a laid back and beautiful sound that drags you in slowly. One of the key influences to this band is clearly Pink Floyd, they often have the same kind of spaced out sound. Another similar band might be the space rock of Hawkwind. The thing you need to understand is that Chaos Venture isn't really metal in the common use of the term. Instead it is something more, something greater.

In conclusion, 1.0 is a wholly unique record, even if it does boldly showcase its influences no other band has really come close to the kind of music that Chaos Venture produce. This is the kind of esoteric prog magic that prog nerds will love, yet I get the feeling that even the layman would love to listen to. With an otherworldly magic that is strangely beautiful and easy to fall in too Chaos Venture are definitely creating something fresh and new. I for one can not wait to hear another release from these guys, listening to this record yet again I get the feeling that their unique brand of prog magic will never be stifled.

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