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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Empyrean Throne

Empyrean Throne create blackened death metal unlike any you may have heard before. See, yes there are black metal elements in the sound, but it creates an effect that is very different from what you might expect for a band billed as such. Asides from the black metal fringes Empyrean Throne come off as a great technical death metal band. In other words, they provide a unique approach in an overcrowded scene. With unholy grooves and a vicious black metal assault we can pretty safely say no one in the modern scene is making music that really sounds like Empyrean Throne. Sure, there are elements of bands like Aborted and Fleshgod Apocalypse here and there but really Empyrean Throne create something completely different and unique. Oftentimes symphonic and powerful (The band has a full time string player) there is a lot to love in Empyrean Throne. Their new full length Demonseed not only has really cool cover art, but it is also a very promising debut and shows a band who are ready to go on to death metal domination.

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