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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Dead Like Swansea-Fragile Man

Metalcore tinged djent fronted by two screaming men. God, this is a good day to be listening to metal. Dead Like Swansea hail from a dying town in Arizona, a town where things haven't been looking up in years. So they rise, with a djent inflected sound that is heavy, passionate, and able to capture your soul. Djent destruction in its purest form Dead Like Swansea have the rage and their new record Fragile Man is a powerful debut, showcasing a band who with a little bit more polish could go on to help front this rapidly rising new wave of djentcore.

The thing is, these guys play their own unique brand of metal with a ferocity born of desperation. There is a very real rage here and it is only compounded by having two vocalists. The thing is, these guys know how to play off each other, how to create music that reflects their hearts and souls. Meanwhile, the guitar riffing is very tight and gives a strong forward motion to everything. One issue I have though is that Dead Like Swansea are often not as heavy as they should be and it leaves the sound a bit thin. Yet as a whole, the songs on this record flow together in an elegant way and are easy to fall in love with. They left me begging for more!

In conclusion, Dead Like Swansea have done something special with their new release. Fragile Man understands the meaning of djent, yet brings so much more to the table. It suggests an exciting future for these Arizona purveyors of prog perfection. In short, if you want a band who understand the spirit of their genre and want to bring it forward with an incredible violence and power then Dead Like Swansea is the band for you. Though they could get a thicker sound their attack is vicious and undying. I foresee big things happening for these young men who just refuse to give up!

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