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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Eternal Helcaraxe-Against All Odds

Pure emotion distilled into a hefty dose of black metal madness, this is the only way to describe Eternal Helcaraxe who have recently released Against All Odds a stunning first full length release. These Irish black metal lords draw upon the influence of bands like Bathory as well as more 'typical' black metal bands such as Burzum or Marduk. Their rage is undiluted, their is a pure hatred to be had here that captures the heart with its roaring chords, destructive attack, and unapologetic dedication to all that is heavy and grim. This is black metal for the pure warrior.

The sheer speed embraced by this record quickly becomes meditative. Not a lot of bands can blast ahead in the way that Eternal Helcaraxe do. On some tracks the endless alternate picking actually reminds me of Immortal. The sheer technical ability on display here is impressive, the fact that they can execute for an extended period at this speed is often mindblowing. The cumulative effect is wonderful, it takes you away on the wings of an eagle made of frozen bones, over the hills and to a place where winter rules for all time. This is black metal in its most glorious form, dark and majestic, here to hold your soul captive while you find peace within yourself.

In closing, Eternal Helcaraxe is vicious and grim, the kind black metal that reminds me why I love this music so much. The unearthly roars and blasting drum lines create an incredible listening experience and capture the heart and soul. Suffice to say, Against All Odds is worth many a spin and will keep me occupied for weeks. There is a certain depth here that many of the bands contemporaries can not even touch on. Krieg black metal that shows the might of the Irish scene. I look forward to hearing what Eternal Helcaraxe pull off in the future, may their darkness ever reign!

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