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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Purest of Pain

Death metal has had a lot of exciting stuff going on in the past few years, not the least of which has been the modern death metal movement. Polished and refined these bands have all of the energy of a death metal band but with a slightly more approachable vibe. Purest of Pain pull off this type of metal with aplomb, they use melodic passages and At the Gates style riffs to draw the listener in and some simply brutal parts to crush your brain to pieces. Easy to listen too and topped off with a healthy amount of hooks Purest of Pain know what it is to craft top notch death metal. In fact, these Amsterdam natives might very well be among the greatest that their nation has ever produced. Not a lot of death metal bands find this distinct combination of polish and destruction and it helps to keep Purest of Pain interesting. Something that more mainstream fans can headbang along to with death metal die hards these guys have a unique approach to the genre and I am excited to hear more from them!

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