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Friday, November 8, 2013

Implosion Circle-The Angry and Enraged

It makes me sad to consider that a lot of thrash metal has lost its bite. Furthermore, a lot of it just isn't interesting anymore. Implosion Circle are here to fix that and their new record The Angry and Enraged is a sort of testament to the undying thrash metal magic that bands like this embody. An EP that contains a variety of elements to keep any metalhead interested for the duration Implosion Circle strike me as a band who have the potential to become one of the most interesting in modern thrash metal. As is, their attack and dedication to all that is heavy is most impressive.

My favorite aspect of The Angry and Enraged is the variety of vocal styles used. It keeps things interesting and gives us tastes of a variety of thrash bands from Trivium to Metallica there is a bit of everything in there that helps to keep things exciting and powerful. The songs are often around a similar length (three of the five tracks are almost exactly four and a half minutes long) and this helps to provide a sort of regularity to the music. The Angry and Enraged is in many ways a straightforward and reliable thrash metal record, bringing you new ideas but doing it in a way that is not immediately shocking and often rather pleasurable. Implosion Circle is starting to make thrash for the new generation.

In closing, I'll leave you with this. The Angry and Enraged is an album that points to a bright future for a scene that has stagnated for too long. A new wave of thrash metal bands is rising up and it looks like Implosion Circle will be a key part of it. Sure their sound could be developed and the music evolved, but a lot of that would be solved if they had a full length to put their ideas on to. I for one would like to hear some more unbridled aggression. Still, Implosion Circle are on the rise and soon they will come to your house to smash in your face!

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