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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Blues Devils

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Dirty and partying rock and roll of the grand old style, that's what Blues Devils bring to the table. A sound that is unique, powerful, and often very poignant. You see, there is an earthy magic to the music of Blues Devils. They have an approach to rock and roll that reeks of Motorhead. These guys know that they just want to rock and they are proud of it. One of the best aspects of Blues Devils sound is the way they add blues to their sound (pretty appropriate considering the name) it gives the entire thing a very down and dirty 60's or 70's hard rock vibe. There is nothing complicated or esoteric about Blues Devils music, instead it is down to earth and ready to deliver, the kind of music that touches the soul with its simple understanding of the nature of rock music. I simply love the emotions they bring forth and the heart and soul they clearly pour into their music. A group who prove rock and roll will never die Blues Devils seem to have a bright future ahead of them!

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