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Friday, November 29, 2013

Katie Sings the Blues

It's getting on midnight on a Friday here in Paris and its time to play them blues. So I bring you Katie Bradley of Katie Sings the Blues, a woman with a strong voice and a wonderful sense of how to play that blues harp. Passionate and powerful Katie Bradley is a powerful frontwoman who gives her backing band a wonderful centerpiece. The kind of group who are more than ready to tour internationally (Why, they've even started!) It's a surprise that Katie Sings the Blues doesn't have more worldwide recognition. These guys know how to make blues music of the highest degree and their passionate approach is more than enough to capture the heart of any blues fan. These guys know how to play and their rock and roll inflected tracks (Let the Good Times Roll anyone) and searing guitar solos get my foot tapping and head bobbing right away. I think it is a joy to listen when Katie sings the blues and I hope you get the chance to agree with me. So come on down and turn this up, it's time to close out your evening with some good old blues magic!

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