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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Mustasch-Thank You for the Demon

Swedish hard rock that is polished and glorious, a better version of Avenged Sevenfold, a rock and roll extravaganza. These are all ways that one could describe the magic that is Mustasch's trademark sound. This is a band who understand what it is to make hard hitting and powerful rock and roll and now they are back with a vengeance. Their new record Thank You for the Demon is nine tracks of rock and roll madness. This is what good old fashioned heavy metal should sound like, Mustasch know their sound and audience and profit because of it. 

The important thing to note about this record is that it is very accessible with simple poppy song structures and hook filled riffs. Make no mistake though, these songs are extremely well written. Toss in a monster of a lead singer and you have yourself something that fans of heavy music across the generations can enjoy. These songs are simply fun to listen too, that is the long and short of it, they are easy to understand and a blast to headbang along with. This is heavy metal for the masses, metal that reaches out and touches the common man, these guys know what it is to create immaculate songs that capture the heart and their solid and joyful soundscapes are a pleasure to get lost in. With Thank You for the Demon Mustasch simply build on their trademark sound and show that they are constantly improving as a band.

In conclusion, Mustasch's seventh record might very well be their best. These guys understand their music in a way that few other musicians can claim to do. They create sounds and ideas that most of their contemporaries can barely even touch on. It is for this that Mustasch will wax triumphant, achieving new levels of heavy metal madness. I for one am very excited for the future of this band, they are really starting to get some forward momentum and the magic of Thank You for the Demon might very well be what they need to get the respect that they so desperately deserve.

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